Issue 38 : Fall 2014

Special Feature : William Wright

Grief Map | Chthonic | The First Signal | Question II by WILLIAM WRIGHT

A Review of ‘Night Field Anecdote’ by DEAN JULIUS

Coming soon: An Interview with William Wright by CHLOE CAMPBELL

Special Feature : Michael Garriga

An Interview with Michael Garriga by CLIFFORD PARODY

A Review of ‘The Book of Duels’ by BRENDAN MISSETT

Me and the Devil Blues by MICHAEL GARRIGA


The Boy with the Open Mind by ADRIENNE CELT



The World’s Best Music by DON MILLER

One Strange Animal by VIC SIZEMORE



Human Imprint | Spigot by HASTINGS HENSEL

Public Mourning by JENIFER PARK

What It Is to Sin | What If God Had Said It Differently by CHRISTINA STODDARD

Allies in Boston | Gospel by DAVID BLAIR

Good For You, Girl by MIRANDA DENNIS


Community Feeling by LESLEY WHEELER

The Sudden End by DARIUS STEWART

Novel excerpts


The Peterson’s Field Guide to the Birds by KARIN C. DAVIDSON

Excerpts from Dreamtime by LOUIS GALLO


Supreme Injustice by RONALD M. GAUTHIER

Uncle Donald’s Ephemera by KEAGHAN TURNER

My Father’s Ashes by LANE OSBORNE

Go Ye Out and Conquer the World by NDABA SIBANDA


Vince McMahon and the Tending of the Flock by BRIAN OLIU

Interviews and Reviews

An Interview with Kelly Cherry by JIM MINICK

An Interview with Seth Brady Tucker by JENNIFER ORTH-VEILLON

An Interview with Chad Davidson by MARK J. BREWIN, JR.

A Review of ‘The Book of Goodbyes’ by SHAWN DELGADO

A Review of ‘War Reporter’ by DEAN JULIUS

Issue 37 : Spring 2014

Special Feature : Writers Who Edit

Sunset Swamp | Self-Portrait as a Fish by JOHN EBERSOLE

An Interview with John Ebersole by JESSICA PLANTE

Special Feature: Southern Poets

Anecdote of the Plate | Aphelion & Aphasia | Disorder by DAN ALBERGOTTI

An Interview with Dan Albergotti by DANIEL CROSS TURNER

Waiting for Bob | Making Myself at Home by KATHRYN STRIPLING BYER

An Interview with Kathryn Stripling Byer by TERRY KENNEDY

A Review of Kathryn Stripling Byer’s ‘Girl in the Midst of the Harvest’ by JULIE BROOKS BARBOUR

A Review of Kathryn Stripling Byer’s ‘Descent’ by JOHN LANG


Iron Bowl by ALI ETERAZ

The Vault of Gratiot Street Prison by ANNE VALENTE


A Hundred Hands by JUDITH COOPER


On Location by QUINN DALTON

Five Easy Steps to Living Forever (On a Houseboat) by SETH CLABOUGH

When I Was Saved by The White Stripes by SIDNEY THOMPSON

The Ferryman by TIM POLAND


Why We Fight by AL MAGINNES

The Job Market Slide | What It Is by DAVID BRUZINA


Boar | A Picture of Paradise by WILL SCHUTT

Worcester Gothic by BRIAN BRODEUR

A Crown for Meghan by JOHN POCH

Again Is the First Time by BRIAN SNEEDEN

Dylan, Montana by MIKE SMITH

Conjoining by HEIDI CZERWIEC




Harper Lee and Words Left Behind by ALLEN MENDENHALL

Is This What Democracy Looks Like? by CYNTHIA SCHOCH

The Economy by DAVID BRUZINA

0 & 8 by MARK BEAVER

Dropping Off as We Speak: Southern’s Place in Memory by SHAELYN SMITH

What’s the Story? by SYDNEY LEA

Going to Natural Bridge by THORPE MOECKEL


Jennifer Militello’s ‘Body Thesaurus’ by ABIGAIL LEE

Minrose Gwin’s ‘The Queen of Palmyra’ by CATHERINE CLIFTON

Lee Ann Brown’s ‘Crowns of Charlotte’ by COREY MacPHERSON

Jill Osier’s ‘Should Our Undoing Come Down Upon Us White’ by COURTNEY HARTNETT

Maria Hummel’s ‘House and Fire’ by JIM WHITESIDE

Tanya Olson’s ‘Boyishly’ by JOELLEN CRAFT

Elizabeth Gentry’s ‘Housebound’ by JONATHAN WILLIAMS


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storySouth set to music:

“What I discovered when I took a close look at the hidden world all around me is that each of its creatures is as serious about its life as I am about mine. We do not question that mammals have feelings. The giant ape was in love, so Hollywood tells us. We own dogs and cats and see for ourselves what makes them sad or happy. We witness their elation and, on occasion, their grief; they don’t need words to express them. And yet we give them words.”

Read Black Widow by Lee Zacharias with “Madness” by Miles Davis

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15 November 2014.
Just posted: Diagonal, new short fiction from Kevin Catalano.

1 April 2014.
Just posted: storySouth’s Spring 2014 issue, including a Writers Who Edit Feature on Kathryn Stripling Byer, a novella from Kevin Grauke, new fiction from Anne Valente, and new poetry from Sarah Rose Nordgren.

1 January 2014.
Just posted: Review of Mark J. Brewin, Jr.'s Scrap Iron by Dean Julius.

15 December 2013.
Just posted: Review of Chelsea Rathburn's Raft of Grief by Shawn Delgado.

1 December 2013.
Just posted: Review of Michael Farris Smith's Rivers by Brendan Missett.

15 November 2013.
Just posted: Review of Wilton Barnhardt's Lookaway, Lookaway by Win Bassettt.

1 November 2013.
Just posted: Winning entries from The North Carolina Writers' Network 2013 Randall Jarrell Competition including poems by Alan Michael Parker, Joseph Mills, Katherine Soniat, and Ross White.

15 October 2013.
Just posted: Reviews of Jennifer Hable's Good Reason and Nate Pritts' The Wonderfull Yeare.

1 October 2013.
Just posted: A Special Feature on Jon Tribble, managing editor of Crab Orchard Review and the series editor of the Crab Orchard Series in Poetry.

15 September 2013.
Just posted: storySouth’s Fall 2013 issue, including a Special Feature on John Hoppenthaler, a novella from Nick Ripatrazone, new fiction from Dan Gutstein, new poetry from Caki Wilkinson, and interviews with A. Van Jordan and Laura van den Berg.

1 January 2013.
Just posted: storySouth’s Winter 2013 issue, including a Special Feature on the 19th Annual ‘Will Read for Food’ Benefit Reading for Greensboro Charities, new fiction Lee Zacharias and Michael Parker, new poetry from Stuart Dischell, David Roderick, Rebecca Black, and a review of Amanda Auchter's The Wishing Tomb by Julie Brooks Barbour.

1 December 2012.
Just posted: Joe Oestreich'’s ‘Hitless Wonder’ and Watershed'’s ‘Brick & Mortar’ by Matthew Fiander

1 November 2012.
Just posted:
Julie Brooks Barbour’s ‘Come to Me and Drink’ by Jennifer Whitaker

15 October 2012.
Just posted: Craig Nova introduces his latest novel, The Constant Heart.

15 September 2012.
Just posted: storySouth’s Spring 2012 issue, including new poetry from Kathleen Kirk, new fiction from Jason Ockert, reviews of new work by Ira Sadoff and John Thomas York.

15 March 2012.
Just posted: storySouth’s Spring 2012 issue, including new poetry from Nadine Sabra Meyer, new fiction from Valerie Nieman, new nonfiction from B.J. HOLLARS, and a special feature on Katie Chaple, including an interview by Shawn Delgado .

15 September 2011.
Just posted: storySouth’s Fall 2011 issue, including new poetry from Charlotte Matthews, new fiction from Jennifer Cranfill, new nonfiction from S.J. Brooks, and an excerpt from Aaron Gilbreath’s novel Run, Chicken, Run.

15 June 2011.
Just posted: Valerie Nieman’s ‘Blood Clay’ by Ben Klinkner

15 April 2011.
Just posted: Matt Hart’s ‘Wolf Face’ by Tony Aarts.

15 April 2011.
Just posted: Nate Pritts’ ‘Big Bright Sun’ by Tony Aarts.

1 April 2011.
Just posted: a review of Joshua Poteat’s Illustrating the Machine that Makes the World by Andrew McFadyen-Ketchum.