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summer 2005

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Fiction: Scavenger Heart by Krista McGruder; That’s Not a Baby by Tony O'Brien; These Boots Are My Boots by Tomi Shaw; excerpt from Sons of God by Chris Tusa

Poetry: FEATURE 1: Five poems by Charles Wright, selected by Daniel Cross Turner; Oblivion's Glow: The (Post)Southern Sides of Charles Wright. An interview with Charles Wright by Daniel Cross Turner; FEATURE 2: Twelve poems by Tom Hunley selected by Jeff Newberry; Speaking in Tongues: On the Poetry of Tom Hunley by Jeff Newberry; "Flea Markets I've Never Visited" by Shane Allison; Three poems by Angie DeCola; "Detached" by Catherine Hamrick; "X Marks the Spot" by Max Heine; "The Small Gods" by Allan Peterson; Six poems from Just Us Friends by Nate Pritts; "Belly Ache" by Anne Silver; Two poems by M. J. Smith; "City Growth" by Steven Ray Smith; Two poems by Sheree Renee Thomas; "What She Thinks About When Sleep Eludes Her" by Suzanne R. Thurman; "Reservoir" by Jack Williams.

Nonfiction: The World Through His Eyes: An Interview with Author John Cottle by Elizabeth P. Glixman; A Letter from Cairo: Room 34 at the Egyptian Museum by Gretchen McCullough; Audubon Wallpaper by Lynn Strongin.

Artwork: Braille artwork by Guy Cobb

spring 2005

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Note: This issue was a "best of storySouth" retrospective, featuring the best fiction, poetry, nonfiction and art from storySouth's first four years.

Introduction to Issue: What Comes of a Life? by Jason Sanford and Ways of Looking South by Jake Adam York.

Fiction: The Mountain's Laughter is a Landslide in the Seed Moon's Light by J. M. Scoville (see also Introduction to a new writer: J. M. Scoville by Jason Sanford), Divination by Krista McGruder, The Philosophical History of Corpus Christi, Mississippi by Josh Shepherd, Butterfly McQueen's Oscar: A Lie by Corey Mesler, Stranded at the Top of a Ferris Wheel with Judy Long, County Fairgrounds, April 7, 1982 by Scott Yarbrough.

Poetry: Jeanie Thompson "Slave Gag", Forrest Gander "Field Guide to Southern Virginia", Lisette Garcia "Posterity/Posteridad", Natasha Trethewey "Storyville Diary", J. Robert Shull "Under Peabody Mountain", Kevin Simmonds "One for Strom", R. T. Smith "Azaleas", Ron Rash "The Skeleton in The Dogwood", Cassie Sparkman "Watching Buzzards", David Kirby "James Dickey's Dream", Diann Blakely "I'm A Steady Rolling Man" (published in conjunction with thicket), Jack Bedell "At the Bonehouse", Janet McAdams "Daughter of No One".

Nonfiction: If You Hear It, Tell It by Susan Snively, Cattle Drive by Angela E. Gabriel, and In Search of Home: A Sermon Outline by Jeremy Huggins.

Artwork: Dennis Finley, Guy Cobb, Terry Rentzepis, and Allen Peterson.

winter 2005

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Fiction: Because Everything Is Murder by Terena Elizabeth Bell; Wild Chicken Gumbo by Dennis Humphrey; Bones by David J. LeMaster; Touch Me Here by Ronder Thomas Young.

Poetry: Nobody Loves Me by Sean Chapman; Ten poems by Chad Davidson; The Moon of Long Nights; Lantern, Then Light; Kingfisher County, Oklahoma, 1929; and Lure by Stacy Kidd; Esperanza's Lament by Clay Matthews; Catahoula and Oracle by Jude Meche; French Fries and Eggs and the Lightning Field by Geoff Munsterman; Nine poems by James Seay and On Seay's Poetry by Billy Reynolds; Playing Preacher by Cheryl Stiles; Flight to India, India: Step, and Kashmiri Houseboat, two Peonies, and Thaw in Karnataka by Pia Taavila; Good Guys and Bad Guys, Summer Catalogue, and American Flowers by Lesley Wheeler.

Nonfiction: Taking Grandma Home by Ginger Hamilton Caudill; Life in a Farming Town: In Defense of Becoming a Master of the Fine Arts by Mike Ingram.

Artwork: Jo Neace Krause

fall 2004

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Fiction: Contamination by Mark Bowen; Amazing Feats by Timothy Davis; Mississippi Breakdown by David Galef; How to Feed Chickens–A Fable by Kat Meads; Portrait of the Artist as an Old Drunk by Christopher Orlet.

Poetry: First Dance Epithalamion and What the Dead Dream by Beth Bachmann; Diann Blakely feature (A thicket / storySouth double feature); Predilection, Waking and Wayward Girls by Kevin Boyle; I Come Out of the Nightclub Thinking by Sean Ennis; Adagio by Matt Henriksen; Morning, Minnesott, and Junk: A Love Poem by Terry Kennedy; The Grape Slips Its Skin by Carol Parris Krauss; Scores from the Getaway and the Overcorrection by Jason Nemec; Tobacco Mistress by Nochipa Pablio; By the River, a Pause, by Joanna Pearson; Cyclamens and Pink Jasmine by Amy Pence; Marietta Street by Susan Snively; The Ghost the Night Becomes by D. Antwan Stewart; Four Poems from Epileptic Projections by Lynn Strongin; The Barge Worker’s Common Law Wife, A Letter, by Jon Thrower; Four Poems by Susan Settlemyre Williams.

Nonfiction: excerpt from The Mississippi Diaries by Joy Bouldin; Old 82 by Kevin Pritchard (an exploration of a classic southern road); Who Wears Short Shorts? Micro Stories and MFA Disgust by Jason Sanford

Artwork: paintings by Terry Rentzepis

summer 2004

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fiction: Twelve Eternities by Arthur Haupt; The Philosophical History of Corpus Christi, Mississippi by Josh Shepherd; Flurries by R.T. Smith; Worms by Julia Thomas; A Critical Review Of S. Howell's "A Critical Review Of Jazz Music In The Post-Post Modern Era" by Chris Wilson.

poetry: Special Feature on Thomas Rabbitt's Poetry (see also An Interview with Thomas Rabbitt by Dan Albergotti); John Beecher anthology (A thicket / storySouth double feature); My Old Man and Incredible TV Package by Shane Allison; A Revenge for Grace by Clay Matthews; Lifejackets and Bridge to Woodall by Thorpe Moeckel; Exegesis and The Last Day of Summer by Jeff Newberry; Lexicon on the Half Shell and These Be the Sliding Days by Drew Perry; How to Identify Birds by Lisa Rashley; Letter and Watching Buzzards by Cassie Sparkman; My Cotillion by Debra Varnado.

nonfiction: Special Feature on Southerners Abroad: Views on the World Through Southern Eyes. 1) The Road to Drumcree by Stephen Ausherman; 2) Peace Corps, Club-Med Style by Jason Sanford; 3) Excerpts from Indigo, a memoir-in-progress by Lynn Strongin. Part 1 : Savior, Part 2: Getting to Gettysburg; 4) Wearing the Wrong Skin by Erich Roby Sysak.

art: Guy Cobb (see also Imitating Art: Guy Cobb, Shelby Farms and the Distillation of Life and Place by William Gill)

spring 2004

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fiction: Green by Sefi Atta, News Travels Fast Down Here, or the Gospel According to Queen James by M. Ayodele Heath, Driscoll Peden by David J. LeMaster, Leon's Rib by Geronimo Madrid, The Day He Flew by Jerry Portwood

poetry: Otherness and Gray, 1981, by Cherryl Floyd-Miller, Raspberries by Nathan Leslie, Twin, Disappearing and The Daughter of No On and Interview with the Reader by Janet McAdams (Sspecial Feature), Uncle Conley Ray (1950) and Dusted Wings by Tony Morris, Long Distance, As Much As, and When by Allan Peterson, Blues Suite and Judas Flower by Gregory Powell, Houston by Will Roby, One for Strom and Deliverance by Kevin Simmonds, Three Poems by Marcus Slease, The Revolver and Gone by Chris Tusa, Brother Virgil Catches the Spirit . . . by William Wright

nonfiction: Literary Minutiae at the Present Time by Jim Booth, The Threatened Ecology of a Southern Girl by Emily Bowles, A Conversation with Novelist Maryanne Stahl by Elizabeth P. Glixman, Dying Southern by Kat Meads

art: Dennis Finley

winter 2004

fiction: Weathered by Forrest Anderson; The Avon Witness by Rebecca Cook; The Bliss of Solitude by Gerald Duff; High Thigh by Jeff Golden; Butterfly McQueen's Oscar: A Lie by Corey Mesler; More and More Perfect by Gretchen Van Lente.

poetry: POETS UNDER 30. A special feature on the best young southern poets. Featuring Tara Powell, Spencer Marstiller, Kimberly Martz, James Everett, Nate Pritts, Daniel Robbins, and Adam Clay.

essays: Gathering at the River by Joan Shaddox Isom; Radio Wave Ethics and Back-Woods Beatings by Jason Sanford.

photography: Larry O. Gay

fall 2003

fiction: Far from Guerrero by James Foley; Hunting for Shards by Elizabeth Roberts-Hamel; Space Saver Cat, Who Heated the Room While Knee Deep in the Orange of Gerti by J. M. Scoville; Pepper by Jeff Stayton; Stranded at the Top of a Ferris Wheel with Judy Long, County Fairgrounds, April 7, 1982 by Scott Yarbrough

poetry: Three poems by Melanie Carter; Robert by Corey Green; from Winter Fires by Thorpe Moeckel; Men Sitting Still in Winter by Mike Perrow; Cappuccino and Christ by Billy Reynolds; Poetry by Deborah Pope (Special Feature, see also Exiting Circles of Safety in the Poetry of Deborah Pope by Louise Taylor); Against the Gods and the Ten-Ton Blessing by Steve Scafidi; He Saw Me Fall by Mary Skaggs; Family Tree by Danielle Thorne

essays: Sixty Years Ago My Theater Life Began by Gene-Gabriel Moore; Ageless Arts by Jason Sanford; If You Hear It, Tell It by Susan Snively

photographs: Sheila Hagler

summer 2003

fiction: The Crowded Office by Heather Duerre Humann; Call Triple A by Joseph D. Martin; Azure, the Submarine by Yuri Shymanovsky; The Number You Have Reached by Melvin Sterne; The Dry Season by Chris Wilson

poetry: Roaches and Anthem by C. L. Bledsoe; Prescribed Burn by James Brock; Momma Yells Hallelujah by Elizabeth Glixman; Poetry by David Kirby and Interview with David Kirby (Special Feature); My Younger Brother by Nathan Parker; One More Stone Pushover by Tom Sheehan; Four Poems by Tony Tost; Secret Trunk by Amy Trussell; Fireworks, Greensboro, NC, by Fritz Ward

essays: In Search of Home: A Sermon Outline by Jeremy Huggins; Digging the Human Condition by Jason Sanford

photographs: Joe York

spring 2003

fiction: Down in the Flood by Kirk Curnutt; Maybe's Good as a Yes by Timothy Charles Davis; Pictures of Venus by Samuel R. Smith; Ballad of the Confessor by William Zink

poetry: Blind Alphabet by Adam Clay; 3 poems by Matthew C. Henriksen; PTL: circa 1981 by Nancy Hightower; About Face by Clay Matthews; fetter the pine by Abraham Smith; Lot and Dust Dancing by Bob Watts; Artifacts by Joseph Young

essays: Afterthoughts on Two French Films: Les Destinees, and The Lady and the Duke
by Daniel Garrett; World's Smallest Essay on the Coming Miniaturization of Literature by Jason Sanford

winter 2003

fiction: Hatteras Light by Jayne Hunter; Divination by Krista McGruder; At the Carnival by Curtis Smith; You and Peggy and That Dog by Michael F. Smith; Willy by Christopher Woods

poetry: Five poems from Sacred Dirt by Tara Bray; Poetry by Michael McFee (Special Feature, see also Introduction to Michael McFee); To Feed a Mockingbird by Stephen Oliver; Desensitizing and Counter-Conditioning and You're Okay with This by Emily Symonds;

essays: Returning Insight to Storytelling: Science, Stories, and Loren Eiseley by Jason Sanford; The Marrow of the Bone of Contention: A Barbecue Journal by Jake Adam York

photographs: Larry O. Gay

fall 2002

fiction: Charm City by Gerald Duff; Ghost Tour by Elizabeth Roberts-Hamel; Color of Boulders by Julie Ann Shapiro; The Mountain's Laughter is a Landslide in the Seed Moon's Light by J. M. Scoville (see also Introduction to a new writer: J. M. Scoville by Jason Sanford); The Idyll of Staff Bickerston by Tom Sheehan;

poetry: Eight poems by Jack B. Bedell (Special Feature, see also Introduction to Bedell); Electrocute and I Knew All Along by Beau Boudreaux; Fishing on the Amicalola by John Bush; Fever Ward by Peter Huggins; Sugaring by Tom Sheehan; Untitled prose poem by Tony Tost; Inventing an End and September Funeral by Chris Tusa;

essays: Cattle Drive by Angela E. Gabriel; Weeping for Wallace by Jason Sanford; Inside / Out by Jake Adam York

photo essay: Friday Evening / Saturday Morning by Tom Foley

summer 2002

fiction: Sweet Relief by Aaron Gwyn; Luke by Maud Newton; Requiem by Elizabeth Routen; Winning Scrabble by Alexandra Thompson; The Second Strongest Woman on Earth by Tommy Zurhellen;

poetry: Radio Girl by Adam Clay; A Little Girl's Timepiece, Losing Wait, and Because by Tina Harris; Coastal Pastoral by Brent S. House; Song Called Heavy by Alison Pelegrin; The poetry of Ron Rash (Special Feature, see also Introduction to Rash); Making Plain and Under Peabody Mountain by J. Robert Shull; (Accidentally, I Don't Believe We Made It Here) and Serengeti by Kathrine L. Wright

essays: Climbing aboard new fiction in Atlanta by Jamie Allen; The Dukes of Hazzard: Television's Simple South, and Resurrecting the Outlaw Hero by Ted Blake; Where is the South in Southern Literature? by Jason Sanford; Crossroads by Jake Adam York

spring 2002

fiction: Down for the Count by Leslie Carper; Looking Glass by Julie Ann Shapiro; One Small Step by James Simpson; My Worst Days by Anthony Neil Smith

poetry: They Say Dead Bodies Can Do No Harm by Nancy Brooks-Lane; Kosciusko, Mississippi and Where We Lay Down by J. Jeffrey Franklin; Posterity / Posteridad by Lisette García; Accidents and Breaking Ground by William Ashley Johnson; Storyville Diary by Natasha Trethewey;

essays: Changes: A Lizard in the Grass by Pamela K. Hauck; Casting the Artist: Allen Peterson and Cast-Iron Sculpture by Jason Sanford; Porn: The Most Popular Fiction on the Web by Jason Sanford; Interstates, Interchanges: Telling Souths by Jake Adam York

winter 2002

fiction: The Balcony Scene by Jim Booth; A View from Eagle Rock Mountain by Krista McGruder; Three Weeks by L.A. Núñez; How It Is by Seth Shafer; Everything I Touch Runs Wild by Kevin Wilson;

poetry: excerpt from "The Songs of Robert" and Six Winter Songs by John R. Crutchfield; Forrest Gander Feature; Montreal, My Lovely and When Cold Killed the Camphors by Peter Huggins; Shine by David Scott Ward

essays: How to expose new writers: online versus print magazines by Jason Sanford; The Plain Language Thesis by Jake Adam York

fall 2001

fiction: Where She Was by Kelly Cherry; Atlanta by Doug Crandell; Laudie's Demon by Alan Davis; A Missionary Man by Mark McClure; An Expense of Spirit by Maryanne Stahl

poetry: Badger Crossing and Seeing Hiroshima from the Seventh Grade by Dan Albergotti; Tuscaloosa: Riversong by Honoree Fanonne Jeffers; Dunbar's Apparition, Five Points of 1906, and Twain by Jim Murphy; The poetry of R.T. Smith; Earth Hymn, Slave Gag, and How to Enter the River by Jeanie Thompson;

essays: Fiction and Biographies by Jason Sanford; Words about the Poetry by Jake Adam York

photographs: Robert A. Schaefer, Jr.