SciFi Channel wades deeper into muck by dropping SciFiction journal

Today I learned that one of the best online journals for science fiction literature,, is being shut down by the SciFi Channel. This is a shame because SciFiction is one of those rare places willing to give top-notch science fiction a home. It's also one of the few paying online markets for short fiction of any kind.

The ironic thing is that the SciFi Channel's notice about shutting down the journal at the end of this year credits Ellen Datlow for, "an unparalleled record of critical success, earning 10 major awards, including three Hugo Awards, four Nebula Awards and a World Fantasy Award." SciFiction also placed a story as runner-up in the most recent storySouth Million Writers Award.

Anyone familiar with the crap that the SciFi Channel broadcasts (with the exception of Battlestar Galatica) has to wonder if the channel deliberately undermines everything it does that is remotely decent. For example, the most critically acclaimed show the channel ever broadcast was Farscape, and that show was dropped like a hot potato. In its place the channel broadcast even more low-budget movies about monsters that eat people in dark and scary places.

I will miss SciFiction and wish its editor, Ellen Datlow, the best. I also hope that science fiction fans will raise a fuss about this as they do whenever their favorite TV shows are cancelled. After all, without a market for literate and intelligent science fiction stories today, how can there be any good science fiction TV shows tomorrow?