Story of the Week: An Essay by Diana Fu (PS: She just won a Rhodes Scholarship!)

First off, my confession: Today's "Story of the Week" isn't an unbiased, neutral selection, even though the writer I've selected—Diana Xuan Fu—is as perfect a young writer as I've ever seen. No, the truth is that I have known Diana since she was a sophomore in high school. Back then, Diana’s school district sought me out as her creative writing mentor. We both enjoyed and gained so much from the experience that we continued the mentorship throughout high school and into her later years at the University of Minnesota.

Well, the big news is that Diana has just won a Rhodes Scholarship. In honor of this, I've selected one of Diana's essays, "China: Waiting for God," as my "story of the day."

Before you read the essay, though, I need to give you a little more background. Diana was born in China, immigrated to Winnipeg with her parents when she was 8 years old, then spent her high school years in the Twin Cities. As a freshman at the University of Minnesota, Diana began writing editorial columns for the Minnesota Daily, the university's highly regarded student newspaper. From the start, Diana's columns showcased her amazing writing ability and unique grasp of the human condition, an insight brought about by her continual attempts to understand and examine anew everything she encounters in life. In honor of these abilities, Diana's essays have been reprinted in the college-level composition textbook America Now and have won her the prestigious Mark of Excellence Award from the Society of Professional Journalists.

Even though I consider myself a decent writer, words fail to express the pride and happiness I feel for Diana.

Read "China: Waiting for God". You can also read all of Diana's columns from The Minnesota Daily.