Story of the Week: Anything by Kevin Sites

Instead of selecting a single Story of the Day, today I am selecting the continuing work of Kevin Sites.

Sites is a veteran war correspondent who has entered into a unique relationship with Essentially, Yahoo is paying for Sites to travel around the world for a year and report on different wars. In return, Sites posts his reporting on a blog associated with Yahoo. I'm hesitant to select a single story by Sites as worthy of praise because they are all so good. Sites has a firm grasp on how to combine factual news reporting with vivid descriptions of his surroundings and quick yet illuminating summaries of the people he meets. All of these aspects combine to truly humanize the horrible situations and events he writes about. While Sites' excellent writing alone would makes his articles worth the read, the new way he and Yahoo are reporting the world's news turns his site into something I recommend people check out on a regular basis.

Read Kevin Sites blog


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Thanks for the lead to Sites. I've read his work before but didn't know he was doing this with Yahoo.