Story of the Week: Diamonds and Lemons by Omar Beer

If you don't believe that great fiction is being published online, then you haven't read "Diamonds and Lemons" by Omar Beer. Originally published in Fiction Warehouse, this amazing short story is a tragic tale of love in which death hits a couple shortly before the happiest day of their lives.

I'm not spoiling the story by saying that one of the lovers dies since this fact is presented in the opening sentence. By starting the story with a death, Omar Beer avoids the cliched trap of many tragic love stories—i.e., having one of the couples die at the end—and instead focuses the story on the doubts and misgivings all humans have about the decisions they make in life and how people try to hold onto what they have. To heighten this focus, Omar Beer uses a staccato writing style that drives home how narrow and limited our understanding can be of life's big decisions.

Be warned: This story will grab your emotions.


She would die without feeling any pain, the doctor told him. The car had hit her as she crossed the street, sent her flying over its hood, onto her head. The police closed the street even to pedestrians until morning, so they could wash the pavement.