Scott Yarbrough is storySouth's new fiction editor

As anyone who has submitted a fiction submission lately may have noticed, the reponse time has been a bit slow (glacial would perhaps be a better word). The fault for this rests solely with me. As storySouth has grown, instead of bringing on more editorial help I stubbornly decided to dig myself into a deeper and deeper hole with the fiction and nonfiction work.

The good news, though, is that after digging halfway to China, I've finally read the writing in the dirt. While I will continue to share co-editing work with Jake Adam York, and will retain responsibility for the Million Writers Award and nonfiction submissions, I am delegating all fiction editing to our new fiction editor, Scott Yarbrough.

Scott Yarbrough is a great fiction writer who has published fiction in Blackbird, Flyway, Apalachee Quarterly, The Clackamas Literary Review, New Orleans Review, Iron Horse Literary Review, and a number of other places. He has co-authored a textbook on literary studies and lives with his wife and two daughters in Charleston, South Carolina, where he teaches at a small college. Scott is also not a stranger to storySouth readers. His story "Stranded at the Top of a Ferris Wheel with Judy Long, County Fairgrounds, April 7, 1982" was published here in 2003 and honored as a story of the week selection by MobyLives.

I encourage people to drop Scott a line and welcome him aboard. In addition, he is now reading submissions for our fall 2006 issue. His contact information is on the guidelines page.