Postcard-sized stories from hell

As readers may remember, I've been rather tough on flash fiction over the years. That said, there are some good examples of the short short fiction genre, and editor Jeff Crook (of Southern Gothic fame) has found the perfect place for stories under 500 words: HELL!

Jeff is editing Postcards from Hell, which are (in his words) "postcard-sized stories mailed once a week to your home. The stories are concise, brilliant glimpses of horror, like a door opened and then slammed shut." This is a devilishly clever concept and I encourage people to pop for the $6.66 to receive these postcards (only $3.33 for e-cards sent to your e-mail address). In addition, Jeff is still looking for submissions, so writers should feel free to jump into the burning lake of fire and dash off their best short short fiction.