Million Writers Award Top Ten Stories

It's been a grueling and fascinating few weeks. Playing with my kids. Working to support my family. Fighting off the flu bug which is making the rounds in the United States. And, of couse, reading the more than 100 notable short stories of 2006 (as selected by a group of preliminary judges).

I have now picked the top ten stories of the year. Even though I've been judging the Million Writers Award for several years, this was the toughest selection process I've ever had. Simply put, there were a great many stories which deserved to be ranked among the top ten. In the end, I selected those stories to which I returned time and again. Some of these tales have deep insight into the nature of humanity. Others are fun thrill rides, taking the reader to new places and imaginary worlds. All of them are wonderfully written. All of them are by authors at the top of their craft. All of them showcase the wonderful fiction now being published in online magazines and journals.

I hope you enjoy reading these stories as much as I enjoyed selecting them. And after you read the stories, don't forget to vote for your favorite.