New online magazines and journals worth checking out

I've been remiss lately in highlighting new online journals and magazines. As I gear up for next year's Million Writers Award for best online fiction, these are some of the places I'm keeping my eyes on.

The first journal I recommend is Our Stories: A Unique Literary Journal. The journal features extremely strong fiction and wonderful interviews with writers such as Matthew Sharpe. and George Saunders. Another strong point are the essays by editor in chief Alexis E. Santi, such as his recent "Life is Not Told In Revision." I should add that Santi is a fellow returned Peace Corps Volunteer--he served in Romania, while I did my tour in Thailand. While this isn't the reason I'm recommending his journal, I wonder if his PCV experiences help explain why his journal focuses so much on creating a strong community between the journal's authors, editors, and readers.

Another online magazine I highly recommend
is Subterranean Press Magazine. Focusing on speculative fiction, Subterranean is a professional-level online magazine which started out in print. While I'm not privy to the details of their conversion from print to online (although I do know they published in print for two years, and I wouldn't be surprised if simple economics dictated the change over earlier this year), the simple fact is that Subterranean is perfectly suited to an online venue and probably has a bigger readership online than they ever did in print. Each quarterly issue features top-notch fiction, essays, and art by the biggest names in speculative fiction. If you are at all interested in spec fic, started digging into Subterranean.