Media coverage of storySouth

storySouth has received some nice praise and media attention in recent months and I've been remiss in mentioning it.

First, in an article entitled "The Wide World of Online Literary Journals", Julie Dolan of Utne Magazine notes that:

A good place to get acquainted with the e-literary world is the Million Writers Award, an online fiction contest started by an editor of the online publication storySouth in which readers vote for their favorite stories. Simon Owens at Bloggasm reports that the Million Writers Award was started after a print editor asserted that storySouth wasn't a "real" publication. Now, the awards are gaining notoriety and acclaim. Last year's winner of the best short story, Catherynne M. Valente, says "Most of those people would never have seen it otherwise, and that's a fantastic result."

The Utne Magazine article mentions an interview I did a while back with Simon Owens of Bloggasm. The interview focuses on storySouth's annual Million Writers Award. Thanks to Simon for doing that.

storySouth was also mentioned in the fascinating article "Here's To the Death of the 'Death of' Article: The future of the short story in a digital age" b J.M. Tyree, published in The Smart Set from Drexel University. Even though I'm naturally biased in favor of this article since it mentions us, the article is worth reading on its own for the insight given into where short fiction is going these days. Long and short answer is that short stories will still be around even after most journals and magazines transition to an online format.