Pindeldyboz to end print journal

Must be something in the air, because a few weeks after Small Spiral Notebook hung up its editorial coat, another major journal is taking its exit stage left. Pindeldyboz will cease publication of its print edition with the next issue, with a final release party scheduled for Monday, Dec. 10 in New York City. Works from the print Pindeldyboz have been selected for anthologies such as Best American Non-Required Reading and New Stories From the South, The Year's Best.

However, the good news is that Executive Editor Whitney Pastorek tells me the web edition of Pindeldyboz will continue. Over the last seven years, the online Pindeldyboz has published over 1000 stories by more than 600 authors and was named the Best Online Publication of 2003 in the storySouth Million Writers Award. If you're interested in submitting your works for the online edition, they will reopen for subs on January 1.