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Editor nominations for Million Writers Award

The 2006 Million Writers Award is now CLOSED for nominations. This page was for EDITORS to nominate three short stories published in their online magazine. Individuals nominations are here.

Thank you to everyone who nominated a story. The list of notable stories will be released on March 15.

If you like what we're doing with this Million Writers Award, please consider making a donation to storysouth to help cover the costs of running all of this.

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Small Spiral Notebook
Story 1: "May Your Next Be Your Last" by Lisa Selin Davis
Story 2: "Thankful" by
Terese Svoboda
Story 3: "Thief" (this story is non-fiction) by Debra Anne Davis

2nd Hand
Story 1: Birthday, With Grandfather's Corpse, by M. Lynx Qualey
Story 2: The General, by Mike Nowacki
Story 3: The Kind of Girl You Read About in New Wave Magazines, by Paul A. Toth


Story 1: "Torture," by James Thompson
Story 2: "Desire Equals Rain," by John Flynn
Story 3: "Getaway," by Paul Silverman


Story 1: "Korematsu Love" by Steven Gillis

Story 2: "The Soup in Uncle Norman's Beard" by Steven Pirie

Story 3: "Off-Shore Promises" by Rochelle Mass


Story 1: "Tether" by Kirby Gann
Story 2: "Paper Swallows" by Rebekah Cotton
Story 3: "Shut-ins" by Connie Corzilius

Outside Ink

Story 1: "The Day The World Ended" by Devan Sagliani
Story 2: "Insects" by Alex Hare
Story 3: "Bottom Feeder" by Tom Cardamone

Velvet Mafia

Story 1: "Seahorse" by Michael Graves
Story 2: "Extinction" by Jeff Leavell
Story 3: "Still Missing" by Dean Durber

Underground Voices

Story 1: "Unzipped" by Steven J. Dines
Story 2: "Indian Nights" by Meena Afsari
Story 3: "Superhero" by Mason Lerner

Shots Magazine

Story 1: "Chairman of the Bored" by Iain Rowan
Story 2: "Limp Puppets" by David White
Story 3: "Milady's Diamonds" by Enriqueta Carrington

Drunken Boat
Story 1: "Life on Earth Deserves to be Lived in Las Vegas" by Fredrick Zackel
Story 2: "Flotsam" by Gayle Brandeis
Story 3:"From Me Then to You Now" by David Barringer

Shred of Evidence

Story 1: "A Sack of Potatoes" by Sarah Weinman
Story 2: "The Inspector" by Steven Torres
Story 3: "Piggy Eyes" by Iain Rowan

Chick Flicks

Story 1: "A Few Ugly Humans" by Hareendran Kallinkeel
Story 2: "Song of the South" by Athena Workman
Story 3: "Obsession" by Adam Burns

Southern Gothic Online

Story 1: Nobody's That Good All the Time - Joanne Merriam
Story 2: Space is Kindness - Christopher Howard
Story 3: An Aesthetic Education - Catharine Savage Brosman

In the Fray
Story 1: "Land of enchantment" by Katharine Tillman
Story 2: "The stoning of Andrew" by Chad Gurley
Story 3: "Taking care of one another" by Susan Parker

ChiZine: Treatments of Light and Shade in Words

Story 1: "Under the Bridge" by Hannah Wolf Bowen

Story 2: "Standard Deviation" by Anil Menon

Story 3: "The Man With Hungry Eyes" by Mark Budman

BathHouse Magazine
Story 1: "Terrified by Raisins" by Jason Ockert

The Thrilling Detective Web Site
Story 1: "Acquainted with the Night" by David White
Story 2: "Consider It Lit" by Stephen D. Rogers
Story 3: "Dirty Barry" by Ray Banks


Story 1: “San Francisco in the 1990s” by Chris Lombardi

Story 2: “Someone's Drunk Wife” by Susan Buttenwieser

Story 3: “To Do List - Week of March 14th” by Carolyn Hiler

The Rose & Thorn:

Story 1: God's Good Goodbye in Vapour Trail by Alexander Zelenyj
Story 2: After Birth by Adam Peichert
Story 3: On A Summer Afternoon by Zelda Erskine

The Story Garden 5.0

Story 1: “Pop-Tarts” by Mary Corinne Powers
Story 2: “John Wayne and the Perfect Angel Food Cake” by Gerald Budinski
Story 3: “Blood From Anything” by Rusty Barnes

Stickman Review
Story 1: "My Father's Heart" by David Abrams
Story 2: "Lake People" by William Borden
Story 3: "The Last Foreigner" by Karen Regen-Tuero

Red China Magazine
Story 1: "Parallel Universe" by Alison Weaver

Story 1: "Jesus Loves His Little Children" by James Craig

The Lampshade

Story 1: "Do you feel better now?" by Michael Leone

Story 1: "Grey White Yellow" by Mita Ghose
Story 2: "The Black Tongue" by Anjana Basu
Story 3: "A Family Business" by Padma Prasad

The Summerset Review
Story 1: "Beneath the Starfish Sky" by Barbara Jacksha
Story 2: "An Odd-Looking Catfish" by B. J. Hollars
Story 3: "My Father of Geometry" by Mark X. Cronin

Laura Hird

Story 1: 'Mother's Bony Behind' by Elizabeth Glixman
Story 2: 'My Sister's Death' by Bhupinder D. Mahi
Story 3: 'The Laughter of the Clown' by Mark SaFranko


Story 1: "What it Means When the Sky Turns Pink and the Rain Starts to Fall" by Kevin Kalinowski
Story 2: "The Combat Photographer" by Dave Housley
Story 3: "Genius" by Terri Brown-Davidson

Antithesis Common:
Story 1: "Healthy Guy" by David J. LeMaster
Story 2: "Pacific Northwest" by Aaron Hellem
Story 3: "Requiem For An Author" by R. Holsen

Apogee Magazine

Story 1: Schmuck Brothers of East Harlem by Richard Grayson
Story 2: Booked Solid by William Leigh Baumgartner

Thirst for Fire

Story 1: "Miho and Carlos" by Andrij Zip


Story 1: "My Fool" by Jeff Nowak

Story 2: "Ransom" by Michael Hulme

Story 3: "The Nouveau Shelter for the Rich" by Michael Fowler

The Blue Moon Review

Story 1: TAKING UP WITH BERTA, by Jamey Gallagher
Story 2: JUVENALIA, by C. Bard Cole

Me Three

Story 1: "Coma" by John McCaffrey

Story 2: "Marble Work" by Nate House

Story 3: "Three Scenes from My Life (With Special Guest Star Truman Capote)"

Toasted Cheese
Story 1: "Musee Mecanique" by Terri Brown-Davidson
Story 2: "Refuge" by Anna Evans
Story 3: "Cravings" by Trish O'Brien-Edwards


Story 1: "Pig Roast," by Bill Bukovsan
Story 2: "The Audience," by James Chapman
Story 3: "The Fear of Stones," by Kei Miller

Thunder Sandwich

Story 1: "One of Those Zombie Lovers" by James Valvis
Story 2: "A Small, Simple Gift" by Justin Crouse
Story 3: "The Listening Post" by Legs Orlasky

Eclectica Magazine

Story 1: "The Caketopper" by Ali Fahmy

Story 2: "Are You Lonesome Tonight" by Roderick Leyland

Story 3: "The Promised Land" by Stephen Healey


Story 1: "Go Fish," by Mary Miller

Story 2: "Surviving Death," by Tom Whalen

Story 3: "Queer Studies: Six New Texts," by Matt Williamson

JMWW: A Quarterly Journal of Writing

Story 1: "White Out" by Kirsten Noelle Hubbard
Story 2: "Ichthyology" by Michael Hartford
Story 3: "Deep Tissue" by Penelope Horn

Identity Theory

Story 1: "Fists for Hands" by Suzanne Nielsen

Story 2: "My Cherry" by Henry Baum

Story 3: "Funny Silhouette" by Nick Jager


Story: "Fish Heads" by Peter Markus

Mad Hatters Review

Story 1: "Re-Birthing" by Marc Lowe
Story 2: "The Necessary Devil" by Fisher Thompson
Story 3: "Falcon High School Reunion Steering Committee" by Maggie Shearon


Story 1: "Noah's Personal Rapture" by David Dumitru

Story 2: "My Fool" by Jeff Nowak

Story 3: "Lundy Man" by Jay Wexler


Story 1
Johnny Cash Is Dead by Jordan Harper
Story 2
McHenry's Gift by Mike MacLean
Story 3
Roses At His Feet by Dana Frittersmash

Per Contra

"The Endless Visit" by Richard Burgin


Story 1: "Lost in Carver Country" by Greg Ames

Story 2: "Self Defense" by Michael Hartford

Story 3: "Waiting" by Amy Kiger-Williams

Thieves Jargon

Story 1: "Whisper California" by Vishal Khanna.

Story 2: "A Matter of Time, Mrs. Pyle" by Caroline Kepnes.

Story 3: "Hail Mary" by Maggie Shearon.

Story 1: "The Applications" by B. Karanja wa Njama

Story 2: "Transitions" by Muthony wa Gatumo

Story 3: "The Deed" by Dayo Forster

Story 1: "Snowbound" by Shirley Richardson

Turk Magazine
Story #1: Work of Genus

Story 1: "Bare Ana" by Robbie Shapard
Story 2: "Zombie Sharks with Metal Teeth" by Stephen Graham Jones
Story 3: "Homecoming King" by Alan Rossi

Poor Mojo's Almanac(k)

Story 1: "A Wide Ass And No Shame"
by Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz

Story 2: "17th Century Anarchism"
by Nicholas A. Vandermolen

Story 3: "The Good-Bye Hyena"
by J.R. Salling


Story 1: Only the Washed, by Neal Dorenbosch
Story 2: The Jungle Room, by Justin Crouse
Story 3: The Situation, by Jen Michalski

Pulp Net

Abandoned Things by Ryan Kennebeck
Eustace’s child by Heather Macleod
Symphony of the flying insect by Dominic Murphy

Spoiled Ink

"So Very Necessary" by Stacy Taylor
"The Paris Girl Who Moaned Like Water" by Jimmy Scoville
"The City of Lighthousekeepers" by Kirsti Wishart

Thank GOD, You found out something, that this world realy need.

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