The 2016 storySouth Million Writers Award

The goal of the storySouth Million Writers Award is to honor and promote the best fiction published in online literary journals and magazines during 2015. Our nominations period is now closed.

2016 Nominations for the Million Writers Award

Our judges are now considering the following nominations for the Million Writers Award. Thank you for your interest in the award, and check back soon for finalists.

“A Cry Among the Shadows” by J.D. Chaney

“A Famous Man” by Kathryn Scanlan

“A festive suicide, attempted” by Veena Muthuraman

“A Million Broken Things” by Kaitlin Moore

“A Pearl” by Jesi Bender

“A Primer on Seperation” by Debbie Urbanski

“A Series of Accidents & Punctuation Marks” by Ilana Masad!15-ilana-masad/cyu5

“Act 1 of That Football Story, or: The Tragedy of Mack Bethlehem” by JD Mitchell

“All That We Loved, All That We Burned” by Laura Haugen

“and drop” by David Gillette

“Apsis” by Billy O’Callaghan

“Army Mom” by Jennifer Porter

“Atomic Missions” by Michael Andre-Driussi

“Bethlehem” by Chika Unigwe!bethlehem/c7nw

“Big Joy Family” by Jude Whelchel

“Blue Rose” by Ellen Dawn Wilder

“Build-A-Baby” by Catherine Le Nguyen

“Chief White Bird of Porterville” by Doug Cornett

“Circles” by Toby Tucker Hecht

“Color Blind” by Caralyn Davis

“Commute” by Robert Walton

“Constance’s Law” by Bridget Hardy

“Cora and Martha” by Thomas Penn Johnson

“Crossing Chanomi Creek” by Ovo Adagh

“Death is not a pretty sight but neither is life” by Bobbi Lurie

“Devildoms” by Saytchyn Maddux-Creech

“Diary” by Gary Moshimer

“Do You Hear What I’m Saying?” by Kori Waring

“Dogwood Dream” by Robert Walton

“Down in the Station” by Seth Sawyers

“Driver’s Ed” by W. Scott Thomason

“Eternal dreamers of greener grass” by Armel Dagorn

“Exfoliation” by Israel Okwuje

“Existence” by Bill Carr

“Failure” by Glen Pourciau

“Father Fox” by Martin Pousson

“Fire in the Belly” by Rachael Acks

“Fred’s Massive Sorrow” by Christopher Allen

“Freeze Frame Ophelia” by Stuart Snelson

“From Within” by Richard Thomas

“Funeral” by Carrie Brown

“Giver of Life” by Dawn S. Davies

“Gone” by J.T.R. Brown

“Goodbye, Kate Shelly” by Jason Lee Helm

“Guitar Lessons” by Roxanne Lynn Doty

“Gyurd” by Shane Strachan

“Haircut” by Erin McGraw

“Half in the Truth” by Gariot Louima

“HAZMAT” by Timothy Day

“Her Heart a Thundering Steed” by Christopher D. DiCicco

“Hollow” by Colm McDermott

“Honor’s Justice” by Sabrina Fedel

“Hot Lesbian Vampire Magic School” by Julia Ridley Smith

“I Only Want To Talk About The Nice Things” by Claire Lombardo

“I Saved the Baby from the Burning Building” by Vincent Poturica

“In Water, Flight” by Doireann Ni Ghriofa

“It Works When You Work It” by Matt Peters

“Jellyfish Moon” by Katherine Van Dis

“Last Song” by Annie Reid

“Learned in the Old Ways” by Jon Chaiim McConnell

“Leftovers” by Kiare Ladner

“Lone Pine Says Howdy” by Roger Mensink

“Look This Way, Look That” by Larry Menlove

“LUV” by Ken Brosky

“Minor Aberrations In Geologic Time” by Cody Klippenstein

“Monkey King, Faerie Queen” by Zen Cho

“Mother’s New Leg (Issue 70)” by Jeffrey Boyer

“Much Ado about My Friend, Mr. Crystal” by INNOCENT ILO

“My Last Chance” by Vickie Fang

“Next of Kith” by Jacob M. Appel

“Night Swim” by Billy O’Callaghan

“Oak Tables and Emerald Lawns” by Nancy Gerber

“Of Two Minds” by Marlene Zadig!14-marlne-zadig/cl0m

“On A Wild, Red Dawn” by Billy O’Callaghan

“Ponce de Leon has a Problem” by Mack Basham

“Quiet” by Robin N. Koman

“Repeatable Sequence #51 : The Squid Jig” by Ian Woollen!15-ian-woollen/c173j

“Roadrunning” by Emma Smith-Stevens

“Saving Hermann Hesse” by Rudy Koshar

“September 1 in Tbilisi” by Irakli kobiashvili!september-1-in-tbilisi/ccw8

“She has the room above him, and he has the room next to her” by Peyton Burgess

“Show of Force” by Kathy Flann

“Showroom” by Nicholas Lepre

“Shueyville” by Kate Folk

“Skopje 2011” by Elena Tuparevska.

“Snow Drifts” by Vivian McInerny

“Soup” by Chikodili Emelumadu!soup/ckas

“Stephanie Says” by Alain Douglas Park

“Stokely” by Monona Wali

“Straight Lines” by Naru Sundar

“Stratis’ Remington” by Paul Kennebeck

“Surface Tension” by Steve Vermillion

“Tarumae-zan” by David M. Morini

“Tasneem” by Ahsan Butt

“Tell Us Something We Don’t Know” by Louis Wenzlow

“The Alexandra Role” by Sydney Weinberg

“The Android’s Prehistoric Menagerie” by A. Merc Rustad

“The Battle” by David Naimon

“The Boy Wonder” by Robert Roman

“The Bridegroom” by Amelia Mangan

“The Brooklyn Tolstoy” by Doug Benerofe

“The Clean Rooms” by J’Lyn Chapman

“The Color of Love” by Julieanna Blackwell

“The Day the Palace moved to Dolmabahce” by Kaitlin Moore

“The Dukes” by Sidney Thompson

“The Executioners” by Kirie C. Pedersen

“The Glass Girl” by Wendy Oleson

“The Imminene of Flight” by Chris Connolly

“The Inside, the Out” by Heather Steinmann

“The Intended” by Rebecca Berg

“The Last of the Cowboys” by Jude Roy

“The LGB at the Terrat City Zoo” by Douglas J. Ogurek

“The Merger” by Sunil Patel

“The Orange Line” by Cantrice J. Penn

“The Over-Thirty League” by Lou Gaglia

“The Parable of Nick Burns” by Danny Judge

“The Pauper Prince and the Eucalyptus Jinn ” by Usman T. Malik

“The Penitent” by Michael M Pacheco

“The Salt Wedding” by Gemma Files

“The Son of Summer and Eli” by Lee L. Krecklow

“The String” by Victor Schultz

“The Vishakanya’s Choice” by Roshani Chockshi

“This Bird Has Flown” by S. Frederic Liss

“Thursday Night Karaoke” by Trevor Corkum

“Tiny Dancer” by Lisa Lang

“Tooth” by Dino Parenti

“Top Secret” by Julia Ballerini

“Una Vida Mejor” by Brian Phillip Whalen

“Want Cokes?” by Talar Malakian

“Westward, Ever Westward” by Su-Yee Lin


“Where Do You Think You’re Going” by Daphne Buter

“World without End” by Taylor Brown

“You Takin’ Me to Paisley, or What?” by Casey Robb

“Your Call Is Important” by Linda Lenhoff

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