What Happened to the Public Vote?

The Million Writers Award has traditionally consisted of three parts:

  1. The selection of notable stories of the year. Stories are nominated by the public and the editors of online literary journals and magazines; final selections are made by a group of prelimary judges.

  2. The selection of the top ten stories of the year by Jason Sanford, the fiction editor of storySouth. Jason selects the stories from the list of notable stories of the year.

  3. And the selection of the top story of the year from the list of top ten stories by public vote.

Unfortunately, though, this year the public vote had to be cancelled due to people cheating and hacking the voting system (such as through the creation of links on certain websites, which caused people going to the Million Writers Award page to unknowingly vote for a certain story). After attempting to correct this situation, the storySouth editors realized that they were unable to fix the damage done to the voting while still maintaining the integrity of the vote. As a result, the public voting was cancelled. The preliminary judges of the award were then asked to vote on the winning story, which they did.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the voting. The storySouth editors regret that the abuse of the system by a few individuals forced us to take this action.

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