Million Writers Award
Top Ten Stories of 2005

Here they are: The top ten online short stories of 2005.

When I first started the Million Writers Award, my main goal was to honor the year's best online short stories. My other goal was to create an online anthology where people could easily read the year's best fiction. Below is this year's anthology.

I hope everyone will take the time to read through these stories, to savor them, and to enjoy! If you like what you see, tell a friend. Help spread the word about the great literature being published online.

Finally, I encourage people to also check out the Notable Stories of 2005, from which I selected the top ten stories. In addition, Strange Horizons was selected as the best online magazine, The King's English as best publisher of novella-length fiction, and Anderbo as the best new online magazine or journal. I also recommend people check out SCIFICTION, which recently died an untimely death.

Thanks to everyone for helping to support online literature. Be sure to vote for your favorite story.

Jason Sanford
fiction editor and publisher

Top Ten Stories of 2005:

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