The 2014 storySouth Million Writers Award

2014 storySouth Million Writers Award winners

First Place: “Eminence” by Caroline Casper
Second Place: “Distance” by Susan Tepper
Third Place: “Inventory” by Carmen Maria Machado

2014 storySouth Million Writers Award finalists

Congratulations to these authors, whose work was selected by our finalist judges from among the work selected by our preliminary judges.

“Eminence” by Caroline Casper (Carve Magazine)
“What I Wouldn't Do” by Dina Guidubaldi (Superstition Review)
“Repairing the Robot” by Micah Dean Hicks (New Orleans Review)
“Mock Epic” by Christine Hoffman (Eclectica)
“Inventory” by Carmen Maria Machado (Strange Horizons)
“A Series of Windows” by Alex McElroy (Four Way Review)
“Dirwhals” by Ethan Rutherford (Five Chapters)
“Distance” by Susan Tepper (Thrice Fiction)
“The Grinning Man” by An Tran (Eclectica)
“On Murder Island” by Matt Williamson (Nightmare Magazine)

2014 storySouth Million Writers Award notable stories

57 Reasons for the Slate Quarry Suicides by Sam J. Miller (Nightmare Magazine)
A Rumor of Angels by Dale Bailey (
A Series of Windows by Alex McElroy (Four Way Review)
A Window or a Small Box by Jedediah Berry (
Acting Lessons by Janalyn Guo (InterFictions Online)
Briefly Luminous Against the Dark by Stephen Ornes (Portland Review)
Burning Girls by Veronica Schanoes (
Cigarettes in Heaven by Jon Pearson (Carve Magazine)
Cross Hairs: 833 Meters by Marin Malaicu-Hondrari (Body Literature)
Dirwhals! By Ethan Rutherford (Five Chapters)
Distance by Susan Tepper (Thrice Fiction)
Ecstatic Gringo by Zachary Amendt (Barely South Review)
Eminence by Caroline Casper (Carve Magazine)
Encased By Ali Eteraz (Forge)
Family: To Become Immortal By Seth Clabough (Litro)
Final Days of the Third Directorate by Ilya Leybovich (decomP)
Goodbye, My Coney Island Baby by Billy O'Callaghan (Linnet's Wings)
Heisenberg by William Shih (Carve Magazine)
Hideous Interview with Brief Man by Nick Mamatas (Fiddleback
Horticulture by Cody T Luff (Swamp Biscuits and Tea)
Inclusion by John Givens (Cha: An Asian Literary Journal)
Inventory by Carmen Maria Machado (Strange Horizons)
I've Always Thought Marjorie Was Okay by G. K. Wuori (Eclectica)
Jack of Coins  by Christopher Rowe (
Melt With You by Emily C. Skaftun (Clarkesworld)
Mock Epic by Christine Hoffmann (Eclectica)
Nothing Ventured By Colette Sartor (Five Chapters)
On Murder Island by Matt Williamson (Nightmare Magazine)
Quantum Tentacles by Emily Koon (Fiddleback)
Rag and Bone by Priya Sharma (
Repairing the Robot by Micah Dean Hicks (New Orleans Review)
Silent Bridge, Pale Cascade by Benjanun Sriduangkaew (Clarkesworld)
The Beasts We Want to Be by Sam J. Miller (Electric Velocipede)
The Carnival Was Eaten, All Except the Clown by Caroline M. Yoachim (Electric Velocipede)
The Filmmaker: Eight Takes by Grant Faulkner (Eclectica)
The Grinning Man by An Tran (Eclectica)
The Gymnast by Jennifer Harvey (Carve Magazine)
The Kind of Man by Celeste Ng (Five Chapters)
The Last Highway by Jonathan Sapers (Eclectica)
The Long Road to the Deep North By Lavie Tidhar (Strange Horizons)
The Phantom Harlot by An Tran (Big Lucks)
The Shrodinger War by D. Thomas Minton (Lightspeed Magazine)
Tiger Heaven by Patricia Marquez (Pacifica)
Two Prodigal Molecultes of the Gulf Stream by Svetlana Lavochkina (Superstition Review)
What I Wouldn't Do by Dina Guidubaldi (Superstition Review)
Who Are You Supposed to Be? by Elise Burke (Swarm)

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